New Song, New 7”, New Record, New Label

First of all, click the link above to hear a new song from a 7” I’m putting out this fall! It seems wild to me that it’s been over a full year since I’ve put out any new music of my own since I’ve been doing all this fun stuff with Antarctigo Vespucci, The Smith Street Band and The Bruce Lee Band. But yeah, I’ve been workin’ on my own shit too!

I guess it’s unfair to say “my own shit.” John DeDomenici (Bomb the Music Industry!), Kevin Higuchi (Bruce Lee Band) and Mike Huguenor (Hard Girls, Shinobu) worked very hard on this record with me too. But more details about that later… I wanna talk about Side One Dummy!

I am excited! I am on a new label with some old band buddies. Plus the folks at Side One and I have hung out a bunch of times and had a great time, and it’s nice to immediately feel amongst a group of friends. While this might seem like a huge change, and in fairness it kind of is, I think all the really important stuff is staying the same.

I still love Mike Park and Asian Man Records. We are still great friends, and it was his advice and suggestions that encouraged me to pursue another label. Mike, you’re the best. AMR4LIFE.

I’m still going to put stuff out on Quote Unquote because Side One Dummy, like Asian Man, is fucking awesome.

This new song, the 7” and the new LP (details on that another time) were written with no idea that it would have any kind of wider release. Like all the other records, I wrote and demoed it in my apartment with drum machines and sequencers. Like all the other records, I had a ton of doubts and second thoughts of “Should I even record this for real? Would Asian Man even want to put this out? If I put it out for free would anyone even listen to it?” So don’t worry, I’m still stressed about everything all the time and still making music because I would explode if I didn’t.

And with that said, I’m super fucking proud of this record. Super super mega proud. We recorded with Jack Shirley, who is my favorite person making records right now. A lot was done live to tape. I’m super happy it’s coming out on Side One Dummy and I’m looking forward to touring with a full band again in the very near future. It’s been too long and I’ve already lost a toenail, broken my foot, developed some crazy tooth decay and got a tick bite since then so I’m stoked to get out of harm’s way and back into a different kind of harm’s way.

Anyway, I’ve got a few solo shows coming up, a few full band shows, and a bunch of Antarctigo Vespucci shows so I hope to see y’all at some of those. If not, I’ll be over here in Brooklyn celebratin’ by packing some mailorders and talkin’ about LOST with Chris Farren.

Thank you very much for the support (boring), patience (boring), love (yeah!) and excitement (fuck yeah!!!!!!)

If you’re wondering what I’m up to in Australia or just miss me and wanna hear me ramble, check out this interview I did with Jacknife featuring Smith Street Band drummer Chris “Burn City” Cowburn. #BXCX

Doing a short little tour in Australia while I’m out here producing the next Smith Street Band record. Everything is gonna be fuuuuuckiiiiiing tiiiiiiiiight.

Hey y’all! Played an acoustic version of a new song in Las Vegas a few weeks ago… check it out herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

Play On My Next Record!

Hey party people! I am getting ready to head out to the bay area to record a new record with some buddies (John from Bomb, Mike from Shinobu/Hard Girls, Kevin from Bruce Lee Band) and Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven, Classics of Love) in sunny East Palo Alto, California. I am super stoked, but unfortunately flying out to the other side of the country puts me at a little bit of a disadvantage resource-wise. So, I’m looking for a handful of instruments and/or people to play those instruments… they are as follows!

- MOOG PRODIGY! (i am looking to play this as I can’t fly my Moog ughhh)

Why not play on this fun record? Is it because your MOMMY AND DADDY SAID NO?! FUCK YOUR MOMMY AND DADDY AND PLAY ON THIS FUN RECORD!!!

Or, if your mommy and daddy have a Moog Prodigy, please ask them to lend it to me kthxbye.

EDIT: Oh yeah, if you’re interested, e-mail booking[at]jeffrosenstock[dot]com

Last week I played on The Chris Gethard Show with some buddies. Playing on a live TV show made me nervous, and I think The Chris Gethard Show is the most uniquely funny show that’s on television right now so that made me double nervous. Thankfully, Chris Gethard and his crew constantly encourage everyone to get as weird as possible and me and my weird friends fit in perfectly. This was so much fun and here’s a video. Thanks TCGS!

Dream Journal #1

Just woke up from a dream where I was playing my first show with the rad band I’m going to be playing with on this short west coast tour. And also Morgan from Hard Girls. I got so hung up the order of songs on the set list that I was still just hanging out in the audience thinking about it while the band played the first three songs without me (and sounded awesome) … After the third song while struggling to get my amp on the stage and set up quickly a man kept saying to me in sing-song “Jeff / give me your breasts / I’ll give you the rest.” I repeatedly said “please stop, I don’t like this.” Then he said “It’s OK, I just got back from Britain, I don’t even have breasts anymore.” Then I looked up and saw that this guy was like 300 pounds.

Then I woke up. Mailorder time. Welcome to my tumblr.

It’s beautiful outside. Have a great weekend everybody!


Chris Farren and I had a real fun time hanging out and making this record and I think it translated to the songs. Fun poppy fuzzy sometimes quiet but sometimes loud and then sometimes it’s IN BETWEEN. Also, Benny from Gaslight played drums on it and that guy is just great.

Come see us play our only planned show right now at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, April 26th. Chris Gethard is amazing and will be performing. Mikey Erg is amazing and will be performing. YJY is amazing and will be performing. 

And if you haven’t already pre-ordered the record, please get on top on that shit right here and help us break even on this fun little thing we did. Thanks!